Astrophotography Image Collections

Galaxy on Glass is made up of 3 collections of beautiful Deep Space images based on my astro-photography and reproduced as unique wall art.

Each image is available in frameless acrylic or framed and backlit. I can also take an image just for you – as a one-off special.

All are in limited editions. These astrophotography images make spectacular wall art, creating a centre piece in any room. We deliver worldwide.

I invite you to view the image collections below 



Currently I am not able to deliver – for obvious reasons. However, if you are interested in one of my pictures then do contact me – you are able to secure a limited edition piece for a very small deposit. Thanks to all those people who continue to order-it’s appreciated!

I continue to capture images using my scope atop the mountain in Spain- I operate it remotely from my home in the UK. So I will be launching new pictures too!


As you already know, or will see – I have collaborated with Apollo 15 astronaut Col. Al Worden. Together we created the Galaxy on Glass ‘Al Worden Collection’ of deep space images. It is with great sadness that I report he passed away in his sleep on March 18th 2020. He will be sorely missed by so many people. I am not sure what becomes of the collection going forward, but as soon as I know then I will report here. In my April newsletter I will pay tribute to this remarkable human being.


Each month I issue a newsletter – full of interesting space snippets – for example, what to see in the night sky this month, features on deep space objects, and currently a series on women in astronomy. To get your copy, simple sign-up using the form below. Oh– and if you do this by the end of March then you could be a lucky winner of a signed copy of my book!




Take a look at the latest astrophotography images just launched – The Lion’s Mane and The Cosmic Tadpoles– plus  The Cocoon and The Horsehead in the Original Collection


Ever wondered how it is possible to capture the beauty of deep space and produce this stunning wall art? Click on the video opposite and get a glimpse of how I do it!


To view examples of my art in homes and in offices simply select the Inspiration tab above.


My customers are often purchasing as a gift for someone – so if you want me to image something just for you- then let me know!

Thank you for visiting my site. Chris Baker.

My Story

Here is my story
My passion for the cosmos, how I take my deep space images and turn them into wall art.

All filmed at the observatory high in the mountains of Spain.