20% offer from Galaxy on Glass

Limited Number Available

Galaxy on Glass Limited Offer – 20% Discount Opportunity

A limited number of customers can now secure a 20% discount on any picture ordered this year. To enjoy you simply need to purchase a Voucher.

The voucher is £25 and gives you the following:

· At a time of your choosing during 2020, you may order any image, at any size, in the Framed Backlit or Frameless Acrylic ranges – and receive a 20% discount.

· On order you get your £25 back too.

· You do not need to choose your picture until you decide the time is right for you during 2020.The voucher simply secures you a unique 20% discount for a delivery this year.

You can now purchase the £25 voucher by clicking here:   Galaxy on Glass Voucher.

After-which I will send you your unique discount code.


20% offer from Galaxy on Glass