In early 2017 I was commissioned by The Pen and Sword Ltd, a UK Publisher, to write a book about my astro photography.

It contains many beautiful images of deep space objects taken by me and two other astro photographers . It is produced as a ‘coffee table’ book. The book is now published! You can buy a copy for just £20 and delivery is worldwide. You can order at major book shops such as  Waterstones, W. H. Smith,  and Amazon OR simply by clicking below:

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Have you ever wondered what is in deep space far beyond our Solar System? Do you consider just how far away things in space really are? Did you know that as we look deep into space we are looking back in time, sometimes hundreds of millions of years? What was the Earth like that long ago as the light travelled through deep space on its interstellar journey to Earth?

I’ll take you on a journey through time and space, far beyond our Solar System. This book is a pictorial description of the awe-inspiring wondrous objects that exist “out there”. You will see spectacular nebulae where stars are born, images of beautiful star clusters formed in the young Universe, and galaxies a billion light years away. All here in this book of stunning photographs taken by myself and other astro photographers.

The distances and time involved are of such enormity that they are hard for our minds to grasp. For example, as the light was travelling from the Andromeda Galaxy 2.5 million years ago on its journey to my telescope, the Himalayas are still being raised.

The book includes fascinating information on what the Earth was like as the light travels from these objects so long ago. The section ‘Images beyond our Galaxy’ includes photographs taken by myself and colleagues of objects of such distance that the light has taken tens or hundreds of millions of years to arrive at Earth.

The book shows how these photographs were taken. Modern telescopes and cameras make this a rewarding hobby, with advanced photography well within reach of the amateur astronomer. I describe my observatory in the mountains of Spain along with practical guidance on how to get started in observing and photographing deep space.

With a concise, clear discussion of the background astronomical science, this is above all, a book to celebrate the fascination of time and beauty of space.

Chris Baker.